Model HFD

Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controllers

Diesel Engine Fire Pump Controllers
Built to EN12845


Our products respect all of these norms.

  • CE

• IP55 enclosure
• Battery voltage and amperage display
• Test start push button
• Emergency start push button with lockable cover
• Auto start push button
• Stop push button
• Provision to connect 2 pressure switches (Pressure switches installed and supplied by others)
• Gland plate
• Audible alarm
• Alarm contacts for remote indication
• Crank cycle to EN12845
• Digital engine gauges
• Internal speed switch

Digital Engine Gauges 
- For engines without gauge panel. Senders to be supplied on engine by others.
- Complete with:
• Tachometer (RPM)
• Integrated speed switch
• Field calibrated
• Field adjustable low (run) and high (overspeed) settings
• Test and reset button
• Coolant Temperature (selectable °F or °C)
• Oil Pressure (selectable PSI, kPA or bar)

Fuel Level Gauge
• Fuel level (%)





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