GPx-FM Series

Electric Fire Pump Controllers

 Electric Fire Pump Controllers

  • Designed for use with electric motor driven fire pumps.
  • Available in a wide variety of full and reduced voltage starting methods.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the NFPA 20 standard, UL listed and FM Approved.
  • ViZiTouch 7 inch Color Touch Screen Operator Interface (HMI technology)

The ViZiTouch V2 operator interface will be standard on this product as of February 5, 2018. New submittal packages will be uploaded shortly. Please contact Tornatech should you require a submittal package for this product.






  • Surge Suppression
  • Disconnecting means
    • Single operator for both isolating switch and circuit breaker
    • Door interlocked in the ON position
  • Suitable as service entrance equipment
  • Emergency start handle
  •  Locked rotor protector
  • Readings
    • Voltage and amperage display
    • Cut-in, cut-out and continuous system pressure
  • Visual indications:                                                                              
    • Standard Conditions
    • Alarm Conditions
    • Color coded for criticalness
  • Remote Alarms (SPDT-8A-250V.AC)
    • Power available
    • Phase reversal
    • Common pump room alarm (field re-assignable)
    • Common Motor trouble (field re-assignable)
    • Free (field programmable)


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