Model GPA-FM

Electric Fire Pump Controllers

Model GPA-FM - Across-the-Line
Electric Fire Pump Controllers

  • Designed for use with electric motor driven fire pumps.
  • Full voltage, across the line starting from a single motor contactor.
  • ViZiTouch 4.2 inch Color Touch Screen Operator Interface (HMI technology)

The ViZiTouch V2 operator interface will be standard on this product as of February 5, 2018. New submittal packages will be uploaded shortly. Please contact Tornatech should you require a submittal package for this product.

Model GPA-FM - Across the line 
Voltage HP Dimensions Only Submittal Package
380-415 5-60 DI111-E GPA-FM-SV111-E
75-125 DI211-E GPA-FM-SV211-E
150-300 DI311-E GPA-FM-SV311-E
350-450 DI313-E GPA-FM-SV313-E


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