Model GPS

Soft Start Soft Stop

Model GPS -  Soft Start Soft Stop 
Electric Fire Pump Controller

  • A solid-state starter is utilized to supply a step-less ramp up voltage to the motor until the motor reaches its full speed. At that time, a fully horsepower rated by-pass contactor is energized connecting the motor directly to full voltage and eliminating all heat loss within the solid-state starter.
  • A multi-connection motor is not required. Only three conductors are required between the controller and the motor.
  • The GPS controller also features a soft motor stopping mode.



Our products respect all of these norms.

  • NFPA
  • FM
  • CE - Optionnal
  • Seismic Compliant


GPS-SPE-002-E (Word)

GPS-SPE-002-E (PDF) 
Model GPS - Soft Start Soft Stop 
VoltageHPDimensions OnlySubmittal Package 
208 5-30 DI121-E GPS-SV121-E
40-60 DI221-E GPS-SV221-E
75-125 DI330-E GPS-SV330-E
150 DI331-E GPS-SV331-E
200 DI333-E GPS-SV333-E
220-240 5-30 DI121-E GPS-SV121-E
40-60 DI221-E GPS-SV221-E
75-150 DI330-E GPS-SV330-E
200 DI331-E GPS-SV331-E
250 DI333-E GPS-SV333-E
380-415 5-60 DI121-E GPS-SV121-E
75-125 DI221-E GPS-SV221-E
150-250 DI330-E GPS-SV330-E
300 DI331-E GPS-SV331-E
350-450 DI333-E GPS-SV333-E
440-480 5-60 DI121-E GPS-SV121-E
75-150 DI221-E GPS-SV221-E
200-300 DI330-E GPS-SV330-E
350-400 DI331-E GPS-SV331-E


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