APx Series

Remote Alarm Panels For Fire Pump Applications

The APx Series remote alarm panels are installed to provide annunciation of alarm conditions monitored at the fire pump controller. The NFPA20 standard requires that the annunciation of these alarm conditions be monitored at a point of constant attendance if the pump room is not constantly attended.

Model APE - For monitoring of a single electric fire pump controller
Model APEE - For monitoring of two electric fire pump controllers 
Model APED- For monitoring of an electric and a diesel fire pump controller
Model APD - For monitoring of a single diesel fire pump controller 
Model APDD - For monitoring of two diesel fire pump controllers an electric and a diesel fire pump controller 



Our products respect all of these norms.

  • CE - Optionnal
  • NEMA 1 enclosure 
  • Bottom entry gland plate
  • LED type visual indication
  • Quantity 12 N.O inputs (Max. 8A - 120V.AC)
  • Quantity 12 N.O or N.C outputs (SPST - Max. 8A - 120V.AC)
  • 4” Alarm bell
  • Silence pushbutton
  •  Lamp test pushbutton


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