Model DJD

Dual power source duplex Jockey Pump Controller

  • Designed to accept two separate power sources (i.e. normal & alternate)
  • Automatically connects to alternate power in case of normal power failure.
  • Keeps the jockey pump operational under all circumstances.
  • Eliminates unnecessary starting of the fire pump with all associated consequences such as high power drain, load shedding, undesirable alarms etc.
  • Provides full backup and maintenance of the system.

Controller protection level:
•Standard: NEMA 2
•Optional: NEMA 12 or 4 or 4X or 3/3R

Short circuit interrupting capacity:
•65 KA (RMS) at 120 V. to 240 V.
•25 KA (RMS) at 380 V. to 480 V.
•18 KA (RMS) at 600 V.

Manual operators (door mounted):
•Two circuit breaker handles door interlocked c/w padlock provision in OFF position.
•One "Hand-Off-Auto" selector switch, rotary type, heavy duty
•One "Normal-Test" selector switch, rotary type, heavy duty.
• One "P1- AUTO-P2" lead pump selector switch,rotary type, heavy duty

Control features:
•Two molded case circuit breakers (MCP)
•Two motor contactors HP rated
•Two motor overload relay
•One pressure switch for clean water only c/w adjustable cut-in setting and independent differential adjustment (6-250PSIG).
•Two control transformers (line voltage to 120V.)
•One automatic switchover device including voltage sensing circuit board and transformers
• One "Power on" pilot light
• Two "Run" pilot light
• One "Alternate power" pilot light
• One "Normal power" pilot light
• One "Connected to Normal position" pilot light
• One "Connected to Alternate position" pilot light


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