Model JPD

Duplex Jockey Pump Controller

  • Designed to alternatively control two jockey pumps (lead and standby).
  • Manually select the lead jockey pump by using the front door mounted selector switch.
  • Provides full redundancy - the controller will start the next jockey pump in case of a short circuit or overload of the running jockey pump.




Our products respect all of these norms.

  • CSA
  • CE - Optionnal
  • All adjustments on door front
  • Visual indicators
    • Manual motor run
    • Automatic motor run
    • System pressure
    • Automatic mode
    • Off mode
    • Alternating relay
  • Timers
    • Minimum run period timer
    • Sequential start timer
  • Operators
    • Main disconnect switch
    • OFF-AUTO pushbutton
    • Start and stop pushbuttons
    • Four (4) position selector switch (P1, P2, P1+P2, Auto)
  • Pressure transducer
  • Fuseless magnetic motor starters




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