Model LPS

Low Suction Pressure Lockout Panel

  • Designed for applications where the authority having jurisdiction or local by-laws require or allow the shutdown of a fire pump under a low suction pressure condition.
  • Interfaces with either an electric or diesel fire pump controller however the appropriate lockout/ interlock must be ordered on the fire pump controller.
  • The LPS will prevent an automatic start of the fire pump and will stop an automatically started fire pump if a low suction pressure condition appears.
  • It will not stop a fire pump that is started manually (START pushbutton) or with the emergency start handle. The panel is supplied as standard to be operated by 120V AC power from a supervised source independent of the fire pump controller.
  • The automatic operation of the LPS is achieved with an electronic pressure monitoring module which utilizes a pressure transducer as a pressure sensing device.
  • Digitally set the low suction pressure shutdown set-point and the reset set-point and on or off delay timers, if required.
  • Continuously displays the suction pressure and when required, the low suction pressure shutdown set-point and the reset set-point.
  • Suction pressure can be viewed without opening the panel door.
  • Select units of measure of the suction pressure: psi, kPA, bar, feet of head and meter of head.
  • Micro Processor Based



Our products respect all of these norms.

  • CE - Optionnal
  • Electronic pressure monitoring module with pressure transducer
  • Visual indication of:
    • System pressure
    • Supervisory Power On
    • Suction Pressure Normal
    • Suction Pressure Low-lockout
  • Audible alarm with silence pushbutton

Controller protection level:

  • Standard: NEMA 2
  • Optional: NEMA 12 or 4 or 4X or 3/3R


  • Audible alarm c/w silence push button for low suction pressure condition
  • "Supervisory power on" red pilot light
  • "Suction pressure normal" red pilot
  • "Suction pressure low" red pilot light



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