Boiler feed pump controller



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  • CSA

Boiler feed pump controllers are installed to automatically start and stop pump motor(s) in order to provide water to a boiler. Automatic level control is provided by a start and stop float switch. Provisions for a low water cut off float switch, make up control float switch and solenoid valve are standard on both simplex and duplex units. The completely assembled and wired controllers are factory tested before shipping. All components used in Tornatech boiler feed pump controllers are CSA listed and UL approved. Tornatech favors fuseless motor protection for easy field maintenance.

Standard FeaturesSimplexDuplex
NEMA/CSA 1 enclosure ASA 61 grey 1 1
Main disconnect switch (HP rated) c/w door interlocked handle 1 1
Thermomagnetic motor protector(s) (Overload & Short circuit protection)* 1 2
Across-the-line contactor(s) (HP rated) 1 2
Control transformer 120V. secondary c/w secondary fuse 1 1
"Power On" white pilot light 1 1
"Run" green pilot light(s) 1 2
"Hand-Off-Auto" selector switch(es) 1 2
Provision to connect boiler level controller 1 1
Provision to connect low water cut off float switch 3 3
120 V.AC circuit for water make up solenoid & float switch 1 1
Provision for make up solenoid 1 1

* Replaced by single pole circuit breaker(s) and overload relay(s) in single phase controllers.


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