Model OPD

UL Listed Disconnecting Device For UL Listed and FM Approved Electric Fire Pump Applications

The Tornatech Model OPD electric fire pump disconnecting device provides a UL listed means of disconnecting and consequently isolating the fire pump controller from incoming power. It also assures complete overcurrent protection coordination upstream of the fire pump controller. The selection of the overcurrent protective device is based on the voltage and horsepower of the electric fire pump motor and the requirements of NFPA70 (NEC) 695.4(B)(2)(a)(2), NFPA20 and as a recommended and acceptable alternative for CEC 32-206 (4) and (5).


Our products respect all of these norms.

  • NFPA

• UL Listed means of disconnecting the fire pump controller from incoming power
• Completely removes the risk of arc flash in the fire pump controller
• Complete overcurrent protection coordination upstream of the fire pump controller
• Acceptable for installation in the U.S.A
   • UL Listed for fire pump service as per
      • Normal Power circuit
         • NFPA70 (NEC): 695.4(B)(2)(a)(2)
         • NFPA20
   • Alternate Power circuit
         • NFPA70 (NEC): 695.3(F)(2)
• Acceptable for installation in Canada as per
   • Normal power circuit: CEC 32.206(5)
   • Alternate power circuit: recommended and acceptable alternative to CEC 32.206(4)
• Suitable as service equipment
• NEMA 2 enclosure
• Flange mounted disconnect handle lockable in the ON (closed) position as per NFPA70 (NEC) 695.4(B)(3)(a)(2)
• Disconnect markings as per NFPA70 (NEC) 695.4(B)(3)(c)

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 200V 208V  220V  230V  240V  380V - 415V 440V - 480V 600V
OPD-200V-SV-E OPD- 208V-SV-E OPD-220V-SV-E OPD-230V-SV-E OPD-240V-SV-E OPD-380V - 415V-SV-E OPD-440V - 480V-SV-E OPD-600V-SV-E


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