A letter from our President and CEO

18 March 2020|General

A letter from our President and CEO

Dear colleagues,

As you know, the situation of COVID -19 is changing very quickly and it’s a situation where everyone must pull together. It’s important for me to speak directly to you today to emphasize what we can do together to reduce the risk of spreading within the business and to ensure the sustainability of your jobs. It is essential that we now take concrete actions to reduce the risk of contamination and thus preserve the health of all of you and your families.

Please be aware that Groupe Tornatech Inc (GTI) has set up a committee to monitor the situation. Its members meet daily to assess the level of risk, to understand and apply the new requirements and recommendations from the various levels of government and to ensure that the appropriate procedures are implemented and communicated to you quickly, as well to our customers and suppliers, and all on a regular basis.

The health and safety of each Groupe Tornatech Inc (GTI) employee is my priority. We must now think collectively how to protect ourselves. This is why I reiterate the fact that it is important to inform us and especially to not show up at work, if you have returned from a trip outside the country for less than 14 days, have cohabited or still cohabited with someone who has been traveling outside the country for less than 14 days, if you have flu-like symptoms or are in contact with someone who has flu-like symptoms. You must understand that these measures are intended to protect your health and your colleagues’ health, we will not accept any exceptions. I also encourage working from home as much as possible and invite you to speak to your manager about this.

I would also like to remind you that it is very important to respect hygienic measures by washing your hands often and keeping a distance of at least one meter with your colleagues.

As President of Groupe Tornatech Inc (GTI) I am directly responsible for the health of our employees as well as the financial health of the company and I want to reassure you, Groupe Tornatech Inc (GTI) has known how to go through crises over the decades and has always emerged from it. I am confident that all of us together will be able to get through this exceptional pandemic period and come out of it stronger.

Thank you all for your collaboration

Bruno Goupil
President and CEO

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