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Founded in 1985, Tornatech is a family-owned company specializing in the conception and manufacturing of fire pump controllers listed by UL and approved by FM and in accordance with the widely recognized NFPA 20 Standard. In addition, we have developed controllers that meet various local standards and approvals such as A2P (France) and LPCB (UK), to name a few. We also manufacture related specialty products. We have manufacturing capabilities in Canada, Europe, and Dubai, a sales office in Singapore as well as sales representatives in the United States.

Tornatech's products can be found in over 85 countries and in some of the world's most magnificent buildings, such as the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Apple Park in California, and the Palm Jumeirah archipelago in Dubai, the Willis Tower in Chicago and the Taipei 101 in Taiwan.

What is a Fire Pump Controller?

A fire suppression system consists of a sprinkler system, a pump to supply water to the sprinkler heads, an electric motor or diesel engine and a fire pump controller. When there is a fire, there needs to be a continuous flow of water to the sprinkler heads to extinguish the fire. In some cases, when the city water pressure is not sufficient a fire pump is used to provide the necessary water pressure. The fire pump controller monitors the pressure and runs the system in the event of a fire. It provides a means to start an electric motor or diesel engine, which in turn starts the fire pump.

Our history


Founded by Bruno Goupil and Armin Kunert.


First Canadian company to successfully obtain UL listing and FM approval for both electric and diesel engine Fire Pump Controllers.


Launches their first microprocessor line of Fire Pump Controllers.


Armin Kunert retires and Bruno Goupil becomes the sole owner.


Opens Tornatech Pte Ltd. in Singapore


Appoints U.S.A. National Sales Representative based in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Opens Tornatech Fz-LLC in Dubai, U.A.E.


Opens Tornatech Europe SPRL in Wavre, Belgium.


Introduction of the ViZiTouch touch screen, color graphics operator interface for Fire Pump Controllers.


Tornatech FZ-LLC becomes Tornatech FZE and starts the manufacturing of UL Listed and FM Approved fire pump controllers in Dubai, UAE.


Appoints U.S.A. Regional Sales Representative based in Birmingham, Alabama


Official launch of the ViZiTouch V2 touch screen, color graphics operator interface for Fire Pump Controllers


Relocation of our corporate headquarters to Laval, Quebec, Canada (70,000 sq. ft.)

Join us

Be part of the team

Be part of the team

The contribution of Tornatech employees has been a major element in our success and we are very proud of our multicultural team. We are committed to respecting widely recognized professional ethics and human resources principles. We promote safety, growth, diversity, integrity and excellence partners.


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