Product Update: Changes to Model GPL and GPL+GLU

17 December 2019|General

Product Update: Changes to Model GPL and GPL+GLU

Due to the changes to the UL218 requirements for Limited Service Fire Pump Controllers, effective January 1, 2020, all Tornatech Model GPL and GPL+GLU controllers will be manufactured and supplied with the following features:

  • Circuit breaker (disconnection means)
    • Externally operable (flanged disconnect)
    • Continuous rating of 115% of FLC
    • Non-thermal type
    • Instantaneous trip not more than 20 times the FLC
  • Locked rotor protection
    • Between 8 and 20 seconds at locked rotor current
    • Three minutes at a minimum of 300% of FLC
  • Run test solenoid valve

Enclosure Size:
The consequence of these changes requires a change in the size of the enclosure as follows:

Model Size Prior to Jan. 1 2020 Size after Jan. 1 2020
GPL 20” w x 24” h x 8” d 20” w x 36” h x 12” d
GPL+GLU 40” w x 24” h x 8” d 36” w x 36” h x 12” d

The following limitations still apply:

  • Across the line starting only
  • Horsepower rating of maximum 30HP
  • Can only be installed where acceptable by the authority having jurisdiction Not accepted in FM insured property
  • The controllers will still be available in single phase configuration (220V to 240V – 1ph – 60Hz up to 15HP). However, seismic certification is no longer available.

Submittal Drawings:
Effective immediately, these new products can be included as part of your proposals. Our website has been updated with the new submittal packages.

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